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Our organization promotes the art of magic, encourages fellowship and maintains the highest ethical standards. We provide a friendly, inspiring environment where members and their guests can enjoy the art and each other’s company. Our goals are to advance the art and promote a positive image of magic and magicians worldwide.


magician members are qualified magicians who are actively practicing magic either as a career or hobby, and have auditioned before Academy’s membership reviewing committee. Also included in the Magician Membership are non-performers, such as producers, writers, magic historians, scholars, and inventors who have demonstrated more than a superficial interest and knowledge of magic. Currently, there are close to 2,500 Magician Members in the Academy living in more than two dozen countries around the world.


People who love the art of magic and our Club. Many of these Members are professionals from the worlds of entertainment, law, finance, and medicine. Some are amateur magicians who don’t necessarily perform but enjoy magic, its history, and its allied arts as a hobby. Others are friends of Magician Members who enjoy the unique atmosphere of the most awe-inducing private clubhouse in the world. Associate Member applications must be approved by the Board of Directors.


honorary life memberships and vip memberships are presented by the Board of Directors to world-famous magicians, celebrities, and individual members of the Academy who have contributed to the advancement of the art of magic.


junior memberships are granted to talented young magicians between the ages of 13 and 20. Junior magicians meet once a month and are allowed limited access to the Academy’s facilities. They learn the craft in workshops and enjoy lectures from some of the finest names in magic. Juniors practice, study, and showcase their talents before one another. As they progress, the entire Academy gets to watch their performances during the annual Future Stars of Magic shows. The Junior Magicians Group has a very limited membership, and acceptance into the group is by audition only.

our members are proud to be part of an internationally recognized organization that advances the art and develops new ways of stimulating interest in magic. Among our most beloved efforts is The Magic Castle, our home, and the most unique private clubhouse in the world. 

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Desde que se jubiló, Eduardo teme ir a acostarse en las noches. Le da miedo que cuando apague la luz, simplemente se va a quedar acostado ahí con los ojos abiertos y mil pensamientos volando por su mente. “¿Cómo puedo romper este ciclo?” él pregunta. “Estoy tan cansado.  Necesito poder dormir”…


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